Home Screen

Our homescreen is centered around a 6 box layout. Maps, First Timers, Conservation, Follow the Feed, About Georgia River Network, and About Georgia River Route. If on a page, simply click our logo or the 3-line box in the corner (called a hamburger) to redirect you to any of our content.


Our Maps screen will give you a legend and direct you to our maps. Once a map is selected, you will be directed to our Mapbox map. Use the toggle feature to see exactly what you want and need to on our map.

First Timers

Our First Timers page allows people who want to use the river for the first time have a quick reference guide to help them get ready for their first trip.


Georgia River Network and Georgia River Route really wanted to stress conservation in our application. Click on our Conservation page to learn more about how you can make a difference!

Follow the Feed

Since we helped you plan your trip, we want to see what you are up to! The Follow the Feed portion draws on the #goexplore hashtag to see what you and other explorers from around the world are up to! Be sure to tag @gariverroute!