The Stream Team

Katie Badeaux
Project Manager

Katie is a senior Geography major at UGA. She hopes to use the skills she learned at the NMI to work a tech non-profit.

Kathryn Harris

Kathryn is a senior Journalism major with a focus in digital and mobile medias. She will graduate on December 19th and is looking for a job that will incorporate everything she has learned in her New Media courses as well as her Journalism courses. She takes pride in have a wide range of knowledge in all forms of content production.

Emily Salerno

Emily is a senior Communication Studies major from Marietta, GA. She has loved learning about New Media Studies from the NMI and has throughly enjoyed the challenge Capstone has presented.

Samuel Vaughn
Content Producer

Samuel is a third year Communication Studies major and Spanish minor. He wishes to apply his knowledge gained from the NMI to enable his future in the ministry.